Kristal L. Sauer

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We describe an alkali-metal magnetometer for detection of weak magnetic fields in the radio-frequency (rf) range. High sensitivity is achieved by tuning the Zeeman resonance of alkali atoms to the rf frequency and partially suppressing spin-exchange collisions in the alkali-metal vapor. We demonstrate magnetic field sensitivity of 2 fT/Hz(1/2) at a(More)
Using a new method of xenon laser-polarization that permits the generation of liter quantities of hyperpolarized 129Xe gas, the first 129Xe imaging results from the human chest and the first 129Xe spectroscopy results from the human chest and head have been obtained. With polarization levels of approximately 2%, cross-sectional images of the lung gas-spaces(More)
A radio-frequency tunable atomic magnetometer is developed for detection of nuclear quadrupole resonance ͑NQR͒ from room temperature solids. It has a field sensitivity 0.24 fT/ Hz 1/2 at the 423 kHz 14 N NQR frequency of ammonium nitrate. A potential application of the magnetometer is detection of nitrogen-containing explosives which is difficult with(More)
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