Krista Vogelberg

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BACKGROUND Human corneal endothelial cells cultivated in monolayer culture for protracted periods undergo morphological dedifferentiation, whereby they assume a more fibroblast-like appearance. These cultures may also become overgrown with contaminating stromal fibroblasts and/or with keratocytes, when non-selective media are employed, thus rendering(More)
Cyclosporin A eye drops (4%) were applied to the conjunctival sac of pigmented rabbits for 4 and 6 weeks. Cyclosporin-A was eluted from biopsy specimens of treated eyes and measured by the commercially available radioimmunoassey. Therapeutic Cyclosporin A levels could be demonstrated with chronic application in the rabbit cornea 3 and 10 h after the last(More)
To investigate the binding of peanut-agglutinin (PNA) on porcine corneal tissue, several methods of tissue processing were used. In cryostat sections of postmortem tissue, PNA labeling of epithelial cell membranes was detected. In the stroma, a fibrillar structure parallel to the corneal surface was found. The anterior part of Descemet's membrane was(More)
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