Krista S. Jacobsen

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This paper describes a multicarrier modulation timing recovery algorithm that does not require use of a designated pilot tone. Instead, all or some received subchannels are used to estimate phase and frequency errors. Algorithms for both acquisition and tracking are presented, and simulation results show excellent performance. The algorithm provides a(More)
Digital subscriber line (DSL) technology for high-speed data transmission over the local-loop telephone twisted pairs was advanced in the labs of several research institutions during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Researchers began to develop and experiment with new transmission ideas and to realize high-speed modems in prototype form. As technology(More)
Introduction of microbiologically contaminated materials into mice can cause infections of the recipients and jeopardize experimental protocols. As such, the methods used to screen biological materials should be sensitive, reliable and suitable for routine diagnostic work. In this report, the sensitivity of the viral plaque assay, mouse antibody production(More)
This contribution examines the effect of ADSL on VDSL when both reside in a single binder group. The potential loss in VDSL bit rate due to the presence of ADSL is qualified using channel capacity arguments. Of particular interest is the impact of the ADSL PSD beyond 1.104 MHz on VDSL performance, as high-level ADSL energy in this region can substantially(More)
Equine neutrophils (PMN) were isolated to greater than 99% purity by isopyknic sedimentation on coated colloidal silica particles. A cell recovery of 84.7 +/- 4.0%, with a viability of greater than 99%, was observed with this method. The isolated PMN were compared with mixed population of equine peripheral leukocytes with respect to functional integrity by(More)
African bovids represent a highly diverse group with divergent neonatal care strategies. The extent to which their milks reflect this diversity is poorly understood. We analyzed milk of the bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus) to compare its composition to milks of other African bovids and to evaluate bongo milk replacement formulas. Milk samples from three(More)