Krista Redlinger-Grosse

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The need for evidence-based medicine, including comparative effectiveness studies and patient-centered outcomes research, has become a major healthcare focus. To date, a comprehensive list of genetic counseling outcomes, as espoused by genetic counselors, has not been established and thus, identification of outcomes unique to genetic counseling services has(More)
A limited amount of research indicates patient requests play a major role in genetic counselors’ self-disclosure decisions and that disclosure and non-disclosure responses to patient requests may differentially affect genetic counseling processes. Studies further suggest patient requests may be more common in prenatal settings, particularly when counselors(More)
In " An Exploration of Genetic Counselors' Needs and Experiences with Prenatal Chromosomal Microarray Testing, " Bernhardt et al. (2014) investigated the use of chro-mosomal microarray analysis (CMA) in prenatal diagnosis from a unique vantage point—that of the genetic counselor. CMA is just one of the growing number of options for patients on the prenatal(More)
Raised in a psychosocial model of genetic counseling, I have long believed that understanding and addressing our patients' psychological needs are critical to our role as genetic counselors. As such, I was pleased to see Biesecker et al.(2016) article, BTheories for psychotherapeutic genetic counseling: Fuzzy trace theory and Cognitive Behavior Theory^ and(More)
Genetic counselor self-disclosure is a complex behavior that lacks extensive characterization. In particular, data are limited about genetic counselors’ responses when patients ask them to self-disclose. Accordingly, this study investigated genetic counseling students’ (n = 114) and practicing genetic counselors’ (n = 123) responses to two hypothetical(More)
Armed with my backpack, a bus pass and a similar set of anxieties, I started school this year on the same day as my children. Ironically, however, our shared, educational right of passage was, for me, a choice. This choice was the result of careful deliberation, soul searching, and a love of the genetic counseling profession. My decision to leave a position(More)
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