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Nuclear imaging using positron emission tomography [PET] is a powerful technique with clinical applications which include oncology, cardiovascular disease and CNS disorders. Conventional chemical syntheses of the short half-life radionuclides used in the process however imposes numerous limitations on scope of available ligands. By utilizing microwave(More)
Methodology is outlined for the chemical synthesis of versatile photo-Bergman enediyne building blocks and their conjugates. Routes to both mono and bis conjugated enediyne templates are detailed together with representative examples of their bioconjugates, nanoconjugates, PEG derivatives and water soluble salts. The immunocompetence of antibody conjugates(More)
A method for preparing benzyl aryl thioethers utilizing an in situ deprotection of benzyl thioacetates as an alternative to free thiols as starting materials has been developed and optimized. Good to excellent yields of diverse benzyl aryl thioethers are obtained with air-stable, odor-free, and easy to prepare thioesters. A one-pot protocol for forming(More)
Acyl derivatives of 4-(aminomethyl)-N-hydroxybenzamide are potent sub-type selective HDAC6 inhibitors. Constrained heterocyclic analogs based on 1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazine show further enhanced HDAC6 selectivity and inhibitory activity in cells. Homology models suggest that the heterocyclic spacer can more effectively access the wider(More)
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