Krista M Davis

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The failure of some strategies to reduce physician use of costly hospital services has been attributed in part to retrospective reimbursement systems. However, anticipation of changes in the reimbursement structure has led to speculation that a different environment might lead to increased cost awareness by physicians. To measure the impact of prospective(More)
Nearly four decades have passed since a link was first established between alcohol consumption during pregnancy and a particular pattern of birth defects. Since then, autopsy, longitudinal, structural imaging, and functional imaging studies have revealed a great deal about the teratogenic effects of alcohol. This paper provides a comprehensive summary of(More)
Mental health courts are a promising new approach to addressing the overrepresentation of mental health needs among offender populations, yet little is known about how they facilitate change, particularly for youth. The current study reports on a process evaluation of a youth mental health court in Toronto, Canada. Drawing upon observations of the court and(More)
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