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—This paper presents novel planar dynamically reconfigurable double-stub tuners that utilize electrostatically activated microelectromechanical system (MEMS) switches. The tuners operate in the 10–20-GHz frequency range and have stubs that consist of a digital capacitor bank. Each bank has a predetermined number of capacitors that can be selected through(More)
Pediatric obesity has reached epidemic proportions over the last two decades; however little research has focused on the behavioral mechanisms that may contribute to the rise of obesity in youth and adolescents. Impulsivity has been examined as a mechanism underlying the displacement of physical activity and the increase in food consumption, however this(More)
UNLABELLED Within a biopsychosocial framework, psychological factors are thought to play an important role in the onset and progression of chronic pain. The cognitive-behavioral fear-avoidance model of chronic pain suggests that pain-related fear contributes to the development and maintenance of pain-related disability. However, investigations of the(More)
— Modern RF-MEMS device design is difficult due to the lack of tools capable of simulating highly integrated structures. This paper presents methods in which the FDTD technique can be used to model a reconfigurable RF-MEMS tuner. A new method of modeling a conductor intersecting a cell is presented. In addition, code parallelization and variable gridding(More)
The objective of the present meta-analytic review was two-fold: (a) to address the mixed findings of previous research by determining the relationship between stress and impulsivity; and (b) to examine age differences in this relationship. A total of 16 articles fulfilled the inclusion criteria for the present meta-analysis for a total sample size of 2189(More)
This study sought to investigate the role of weight status and body mass index percentile in risky smoking behaviors in male and female adolescents. Analyses of the data obtained in the 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System were conducted. The national sample size included 15,425 adolescents. Questions addressing weight status and smoking behaviors(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous studies have established that obese adolescents possess a stronger tendency to behave more impulsively and be more inattentive than healthy-weight children. Additionally, gender difference in inattention and impulsivity has also been substantiated by previous researchers. The current study examined the relationship between gender, body(More)
A Ka-Band high power GaN/SiC reflective SPDT Switch MMIC is demonstrated with unprecedented 49dBm P1dB and at least 58dBm survival threshold. The key enabling semiconductor technology is Raytheon's mm-Wave GaN HEMT with 1.36 ohm-mm Ron and 0.131 pF/mm Coff. Measured insertion loss is better than 1.3 dB over 27-31 GHz, and the minimum insertion loss of 0.8(More)
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