Krista Kappeler

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As part of an attempt to analyze rhythmic phenomena in the long-day plant Sinapis alba L. at the molecular level, we have searched for mRNAs whose concentration varies as a function of time of day. Differential screening of a cDNA library established from mRNAs expressed at the end of the daily light phase with probes representing transcripts expressed(More)
Nowadays, the amount of multimedia contents is explosively increasing and it is often a challenging problem to find a content that will be appealing or matches users' current mood or affective state. In order to achieve this goal, an effcient indexing technique should be developed to annotate multi-media contents such that these annotations can be used in a(More)
Audio applications often suffer from the acoustic feedback problem which leads to significant sound quality degradation and howling in the worst case. Many solutions exist to minimize the effect of feedback. However, it is not trivial to evaluate these solutions. In this work, we focus on intrusive howling detection methods by comparing a test signal to a(More)
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