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One consistent area of need for students with autism spectrum disorders is in the area of social competence. However, the increasing need to provide qualified teachers to deliver evidence-based practices in areas like social competence leave schools, such as those found in rural areas, in need of support. Distance education and in particular, 3D Virtual(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o It is not uncommon that researchers face difficulties when performing meaningful cross-study comparisons for research. Research associated with the distance learning realm can be even more difficult to use as there are different environments with a variety of characteristics. We implemented a mixed-method analysis of research articles(More)
A 16-student, completely online software design course was studied using social network analysis and grounded theory techniques. Bi-directional (read and post) log data of user activity was recorded to understand how small group networks change over time with activity type (individual, peer-to-peer, and small group). Network structure was revealed through(More)
We propose Social Ability as a construct that will contribute to the development of social computing models. Completely online group experiences vary according to the composition of tools, tasks and individuals. This conditionality creates challenges for social computing researchers who seek to model social behavior online. We use social ability as a frame(More)
iSocial is an internet-based 3D-Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to support social and behavioral outcomes for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The purpose of developing this system is to expand access to specialized training for developing social competence. iSocial seeks to adapt and implement in a 3D-VLE a clinic-based curriculum with(More)
Design based research (DBR) has been acknowledged as a productive approach for advancing educational technology. Coincidentally, open source software has been found to be a good fit for implementing design based research. This report presents a case study of a software project using a design-based research approach and free/open source software. The(More)