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Transplantation of neural progenitors derived from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) provides a potential therapy for ischemic stroke. However, poor graft survival within the host environment has hampered the benefits and applications of cell-based therapies. The present investigation tested a preconditioning strategy to enhance hESC tolerance, thereby(More)
Math is often taught poorly emphasizing rote, procedural methods rather than creativity and problem solving. Alberta Education developed a new mathematics curriculum to transform mathematics teaching to inquiry driven methods. This revised curriculum provides a new vision for mathematics and creates opportunities and requirements for professional learning(More)
This Research Forum proposal arises from a recent focus on spatial reasoning that began with a multi-year collaborative project amongst a diverse group of researchers (mathematicians, psychologists, mathematics educators) from Canada and the US, and continues to expand with the goal of: mapping out the terrain of established research on spatial reasoning;(More)
Visuals and graphics have been used for communicating complex ideas since 1786 when William Playfair first invented the line graph and bar chart. Graphs and charts are useful for interpretation and making sense of data. For instance, John Snow's scatter plot helped pinpoint the source of a cholera outbreak in London in 1854 and also changed understandings(More)
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