Krista Breithaupt

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represents a relatively new but rapidly evolving research area where cognitive theories, computer technologies, and psychometric practices are used to generate items. In its most ambitious form, AIG can be described as the process of using models to generate statistically calibrated items with the aid of computer technology. Significant developments in AIG(More)
1 The authors gratefully acknowledge Wim van der Linden, Ron Hambleton and Richard M. Luecht. Their guidance and research were essential in evaluating and defining the MST model, the item bank design and the specification for automated test assembly for the computerization of the CPA examination. Any mistakes or oversights in this report are entirely the(More)
Computerized multistage testing (MST) designs require sets of test questions (testlets) to be assembled to meet strict, often competing criteria. Rules that govern testlet assembly may dictate the number of questions on a particular subject or may describe desirable statistical properties for the test, such as measurement precision. In an MST design,(More)
Lack of social support is an important risk factor for disability, psychiatric illness, cognitive impairment, institutionalization, and mortality. Social networks are also important for the caregiving and emotional support that elderly people need to allow them to function well in the community. This article details the development and validation of an(More)
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