Krista Breithaupt

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To assess smoking, obesity, and other risk factors for asthma, the authors examined 17,605 subjects aged 12 years or more who participated in the National Population Health Survey in 1994-1995. Asthma was considered present if an affirmative response was given to the question, "Do you have asthma diagnosed by a health professional?" The authors used(More)
The etiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has not been fully understood. This analysis assessed the prevalence of COPD and its risk factors among Canadian men and women. The analysis was based on the data from 7210 subjects aged 35 to 64 years who participated in the first cycle of National Population Health Survey in 1994-1995. COPD was(More)
Modern measurement methods were applied in this study to examine the properties of a measure of functioning of the elderly. Measures of functioning form an essential element in health services and outcomes research. Several implications for scale development and improved score precision are presented in this case study. This study examined the structure of(More)
The objective of this study was to examine the relationship between maternal smoking status and infant nutrition. Women delivering in 5 hospitals in the Ottawa-Carleton region of Ontario were screened for eligibility over a 6-month period in 1993. Follow-up data were collected by telephone at 3 months postpartum using a validated questionnaire. Mothers were(More)
represents a relatively new but rapidly evolving research area where cognitive theories, computer technologies, and psychometric practices are used to generate items. In its most ambitious form, AIG can be described as the process of using models to generate statistically calibrated items with the aid of computer technology. Significant developments in AIG(More)
Lack of social support is an important risk factor for disability, psychiatric illness, cognitive impairment, institutionalization, and mortality. Social networks are also important for the caregiving and emotional support that elderly people need to allow them to function well in the community. This article details the development and validation of an(More)
OBJECTIVES This study reports on Canadian mammography rates between 1990, when mass screening programs were launched, and 1994/95. METHODS Mammography rates from 2 national surveys were compared according to the presence of a provincial screening program. RESULTS Mammography rates among women aged 50 to 69 years (the targeted group) increased(More)
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