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Hypsilara breweri n.sp. from Venezuela: description of new species with notes on the morphology and phylogenetic relationships of the genus (Coleoptera: Elmidae: Larainae).
A new species of the genus Hypsilara Maier & Spangler, 2011, collected in the Eastern Venezuela, is described and illustrated. We provide habitus photographs, detail drawings of both male and femaleExpand
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Two new Larainae species from Guayana region, Venezuela (Coleoptera: Elmidae).
Two new species of the subfamily Larainae (Insecta: Coleoptera: Elmidae), Hexanchorus angeli n. sp. and Hypsilara autanai n. sp., are described from Guyana region in Venezuela. We provide habitusExpand
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Phanoceroides Hinton, 1939: description of new species, morphology of larvae, and revised taxonomic position of the genus (Coleoptera: Elmidae) based on molecular evidence.
The monotypic genus Phanoceroides was initially classified within the subfamily Elminae, based solely on the distribution and type of pubescence on the body surface. Although a close relationshipExpand
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