Kristína Civáňová

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The goals of this paper were to investigate phylogenetic and evolutionary patterns of cichlid fish from West Africa and their Cichlidogyrus and Scutogyrus monogenean parasites, to uncover the presence of host-parasite cospeciation and to assess the level of morphological adaptation in parasites. This required the following steps, each one representing(More)
Two cyprinid species, Parachondrostoma toxostoma, an endemic threatened species, and Chondrostoma nasus, an invasive species, live in sympatry in southern France and form two sympatric zones where the presence of intergeneric hybrids is reported. To estimate the potential threat to endemic species linked to the introduction of invasive species, we focused(More)
The paper presents a description of Paradiplozoon bingolensis sp. n. from the gills of Garra rufa Heckel, 1843 (Cyprinidae) collected from the Göynük Stream, a tributary of the Murat River, Turkey. This is the first diplozoid species to be described from G. rufa. P. bingolensis is distinguished from the other valid species in the genus by the combination of(More)
Pinworms (Nematoda: Enterobiinae) include 52 species parasitising primates throughout the world. In the present study, we performed the first ever molecular analysis to investigate the phylogenetic position of recently described pinworms parasitising the Sumatran orang-utan. The phylogenetic analysis of mitochondrial CO1 and chromosomal 18S rDNA and ITS1(More)
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