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This article proposes the concept of neuromorphological space as the multidimensional space defined by a set of measurements of the morphology of a representative set of almost 6000 biological neurons available from the NeuroMorpho database. For the first time, we analyze such a large database in order to find the general distribution of the geometrical(More)
We report a morphology-based approach for the automatic identification of outlier neurons, as well as its application to the NeuroMorpho.org database, with more than 5,000 neurons. Each neuron in a given analysis is represented by a feature vector composed of 20 measurements, which are then projected into a two-dimensional space by applying principal(More)
The continuing neuroscience advances, catalysed by multidisciplinary collaborations between the biological, computational, physical and chemical areas, have implied in increasingly more complex approaches to understand and model the mammals nervous systems. One particularly important related issue regards the investigation of the relationship between(More)
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