Krissia Zawadzki

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Carbohydrate, protein, and carbohydrate-protein supplements were compared to determine their effects on muscle glycogen storage during recovery from prolonged exhaustive exercise. Nine male subjects cycled for 2 h on three separate occasions to deplete their muscle glycogen stores. Immediately and 2 h after each exercise bout, they ingested 112.0 g(More)
There are minimal scientific data describing international caliber off-road cyclists (mountain bikers), particularly as they compare physiologically with international caliber road cyclists. Elite female (N = 10) and male (N = 10) athletes representing the United States National Off-Road Bicycle Association (NORBA) Cross-Country Team were compared with(More)
This article proposes the concept of neuromorphological space as the multidimensional space defined by a set of measurements of the morphology of a representative set of almost 6000 biological neurons available from the NeuroMorpho database. For the first time, we analyze such a large database in order to find the general distribution of the geometrical(More)
Monitoring of cell cultures in microbioreactors is a crucial task in cell bioassays and toxicological tests. In this work a novel tool based on a miniaturized sensor array fabricated using low-temperature cofired ceramics (LTCC) technology is presented. The developed device is applied to the monitoring of cell-culture media change, detection of the growth(More)
We report a morphology-based approach for the automatic identification of outlier neurons, as well as its application to the database, with more than 5,000 neurons. Each neuron in a given analysis is represented by a feature vector composed of 20 measurements, which are then projected into a two-dimensional space by applying principal(More)
For the first time, the performance impact of (110) silicon substrates on high-k + metal gate strained 45nm node NMOS and PMOS devices is presented. Record PMOS drive currents of 1.2 mA/um at 1.0V and 100nA/um Ioff are reported. It will be demonstrated that 2D short channel effects strongly mitigate the negative impact of (110) substrates on NMOS(More)
June 12, 2012 – Intel Corporation is delivering myriad presentations, panel discussions and demonstrations at this year’s VLSI Symposia. A highlight paper discloses new details about Intel’s 22nm process – the industry’s first fully depleted 3-D tri-Gate technology with superior low voltage and low power capabilities. Other Intel papers describe innovations(More)
The continuing neuroscience advances, catalysed by multidisciplinary collaborations between the biological, computational, physical and chemical areas, have implied in increasingly more complex approaches to understand and model the mammals nervous systems. One particularly important related issue regards the investigation of the relationship between(More)
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