Krisjanis Nesenbergs

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We propose a hybrid architecture of wired and wireless sensors for smart fabric with applications including body dynamics and shape monitoring and patient rehabilitation. Our system is capable of acquiring data from up to 200 on-body sensors with 50Hz sampling rate using conventional low-cost hardware. The sensing and data processing is done in real time(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have been a widely researched field since the beginning of the 21st century. The field is already maturing, and TinyOS has established itself as the de facto standard WSN Operating System (OS). However, the WSN researcher community is still active in building more flexible, efficient and user-friendly WSN operating systems.(More)
In this paper a new distributed architecture for real-time intelligent transport systems is proposed and implemented in test environment. This architecture provides data gathering, processing and distribution and other services critical for real-time intelligent transport systems, taking special care of reliability in real-time life-critical tasks.
Field of wearable computing has great implications for medical applications, including early detection, treatment, compliance monitoring, care for the frail and elderly, telemedicine, physical therapy and many others. Unfortunately such wearable technology solutions are still custom made and time and resource intensive to develop. In this paper the current(More)
Augmented reality (AR) has been studied extensively and used widely in various fields. In AR a view of reality is modified or supplemented by computer-gene-rated sensory input such as sound, video, etc. As a result, it can enhance one’s current perception of reality. In this paper we analyzed methods to make objects transparent by fusing images taken from(More)
In this paper we try to improve object transparent vision. Our goal is to see how object transparent vision can be improved by: 1. Automated fused image correctness check. 2. Finding correct images for image fusing. We also conducted several experiments related to object transparent vision in order to gain better understanding of subject. The introduced(More)
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