Krishnendu Sanyal

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— In this paper the current researchers address the quantitative methodology for determining possible implement able optimal solution to project selection problem. The purpose of this paper is to present an application of goal programming as an aid of decision making tool in project selection. The model outputs most advantageous projects to pursue with(More)
Misclassification, which is a common phenomenon due to the absence of a perfect classifier, incurs losses from different classes. This paper aims on developing an algorithm which incorporates a cost sensitive subspace reduction technique for extracting the cost sensitive features from facial images of test subjects. The weight vector which projects the(More)
A Cost sensitive subspace reduction technique using multi objective optimizer has been designed for an access control system having a hierarchy of classes starting from the most important class to the least desirable class. The main aim of this paper is to extract the cost sensitive features from facial images of test subjects and project the faces on to a(More)
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