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Checkpointing with rollback recovery is a well-known method for achieving fault-tolerance in distributed systems. In this work, we introduce algorithms for checkpointing and rollback recovery on asynchronous unidirectional and bi-directional ring networks. The proposed checkpointing algorithms can handle multiple concurrent initiations by different(More)
Localization is an important issue for Wireless Sensor Networks in a wireless sensor network. A mobile sensor may change its position rapidly and thus require localization calls frequently. It is important to control the number of localization calls, as it is rather expensive. The existing schemes for reducing the frequency of localization calls for mobile(More)
This paper proposes a distributed algorithm for circle formation by multiple autonomous mobile robots with limited visibility. Each robot sees up to a fixed distance around it and moves to a new position. Eventually they form a circle of a given radius. The robots do not store past actions. The robots are anonymous and cannot be distinguished by their(More)
In (2n)1)-stage rearrangeable networks, the routing time for any arbitrary permutation is X(n 2) compared to its propagation delay O(n) only. Here, we attempt to identify the sets of permutations, which are routable in O(n) time in these networks. We de®ne four classes of self-routable permutations for Benes network. An O(n) algorithm is presented here,(More)
Traditional message passing based checkpointing and rollback recovery algorithms perform well for tightly coupled systems. In wide area distributed systems these algorithms may suffer from large overhead due to message passing delay and network traffic. Mobile agents offer an attractive option for designing checkpointing schemes for wide area distributed(More)
Aktruct-We propose a scheme for evaluating four commonly used functions namely, 1) inverse trigonometric functions, 2) trigonometric functions, 3) the exponential function, and 4) the logarithmic function with the help of a logarithmic number system (LNS) processor. A novel idea of series folding has been introduced for computing the above functions,(More)
Localization is an important issue for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). We consider a WSN consisting of identical sensors. All known distances between the sensors are assumed to be less than the communication range of the sensors and all unknown distances greater. We also assume that the communication range is at least twice as much as the sensing range.(More)