Krishnendu Han Liu

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Higher plants have both high- and low-affinity nitrate uptake systems. These systems are generally thought to be genetically distinct. Here, we demonstrate that a well-known low-affinity nitrate uptake mutant of Arabidopsis, chl1, is also defective in high-affinity nitrate uptake. Two to 3 hr after nitrate induction, uptake activities of various chl1(More)
The Arabidopsis CHL1 (AtNRT1) gene encodes an inducible component of low-affinity nitrate uptake, which necessitates a "two-component" model to account for the constitutive low-affinity uptake observed in physiological studies. Here, we report the cloning and characterization of a CHL1 homolog, AtNRT1:2 (originally named NTL1), with data to indicate that(More)
A peptide designated cicerarin, with an N-terminal amino acid sequence VKSTGRADDDLAVKTKYLPP dissimilar from known proteins and peptides and a molecular mass of 8kDa, was isolated from seeds of the green chickpea Cicer arietinum cv green chickpea. Cicerarin was isolated with a procedure that involved ion exchange chromatography on DEAE-cellulose, affinity(More)
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