Krishnendu Basuli

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Two-level logic minimization is a central problem in logic synthesis, and has applications in reliability analysis and automated reasoning. This paper represents a method of minimizing Boolean sum of products function with binary decision diagram and with disjoint sum of product minimization. Due to the symbolic representation of cubes for large problem(More)
The most popular algorithms for generation of minimal spanning tree are Kruskal's[2] and Prim's[2] algorithm. Many algorithms have been proposed for generation of all spanning tree. This paper deals with generation of all possible spanning trees in increasing cost of a weighted graph. This approach uses one matrix called Difference Weighted Circuit Matrix(More)
Key management represents a major and the most sensitive part of cryptographic systems. It includes key generation, key distribution, key storage, and key deletion. It is also considered the hardest part of cryptography. Designing secure cryptographic algorithms is hard, and keeping the keys secret is much harder. Cryptanalysts usually attack both symmetric(More)
The term CBIR seems to have originated in 1992, when it was describe experiments into automatic retrieval of images from a database, based on the colors and shapes present. Since then, the term has been used to describe the process of retrieving desired images from a large collection on the basis of syntactical image features. The techniques, tools and(More)
Most of the physical and mathematical problems can be formulated in terms of Graph Theory [1]. Generation of a single spanning tree for a simple, symmetric and connected graph G is well known polynomial time solvable problem [1]. Also there are some intractable problems like Graph Coloring, Vertex Connectivity, Isomorphism etc. in graph theory [2,3]. To(More)
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