Krishnaswamy K. Rangan

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If the full scientific and technological potential of mesostructured materials is to be achieved, systems with continuous domains in the form of single crystals or films must be prepared. Here we report a reliable and facile system for making large single-crystal particles of chalcogenido mesostructured materials with a highly organized cubic structure,(More)
Open framework metal chalcogenide solids, with pore sizes in the nano- and mesoscale, are of potentially broad technological and fundamental interest in research areas ranging from optoelectronics to the physics of quantum confinement. Although there have been significant advances in the design and synthesis of mesostructured silicas, the construction of(More)
We present the first report of hexagonally ordered mesostructured ternary metal tin sulfide materials along with their structure and optical properties. The new mesophases designated as (CP) x M y Sn 2 S 6 (M) Zn 2+ , Cd 2+ , Ga 3+) where synthesized by linking [Sn 2 S 6 ] 4-clusters with metal ions in the presence of cetylpyridinium (CP) surfactant(More)
Highly periodic hexagonal honeycombs of platinum-germanium chalcogenide and platinum-tin selenide frameworks were prepared by linking corresponding [Ge(4)Q(10)](4)(-) (Q = S, Se) and [Sn(4)Se(10)](4)(-) clusters with Pt(2+) ions. The non-oxidic honeycombs designated as C(n)PyPtGeQ and C(n)PyPtSnSe were templated by the lyotropic liquid-crystalline phase of(More)
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