Krishnasamy T. Selvan

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It is suggested that where possible fundamental concepts and theories be presented from a historical perspective in undergraduate engineering education. Apart from being fairer to the contributions of the several researchers whose works often significantly contribute to a later-and much-acclaimed theory, such an approach can also be employed to(More)
The displacement-current concept introduced by James Clerk Maxwell is generally acknowledged as one of the most innovative concepts ever introduced in the development of physical science. It was through this that he was led to the discovery of his electromagnetic theory of light. While this concept and its development have received much admiration in the(More)
—The effect of shaping the ground plane on the performance of a square loop coplanar waveguide (CPW)-fed printed antenna is reported in this paper. Experimental results are presented on the reflection coefficient and radiation pattern of the investigated antennas. Simulation results are presented on the current distribution, input impedance and gain. It is(More)
The dynamical theory of electromagnetic fields was presented by James Clerk Maxwell in 1864 [1]. A more rigorous treatment of this was published later in 1873 as treaties where he used Cartesian coordinate system developed by Rene Des Cartes [2]. The theoretical foundations put forward by Maxwell have remained almost same over a period of more than 150(More)
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