Krishnana Ramalingam

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Vitamin D is recognized to serve a wide range of biological functions. The presence of vitamin D receptors on different tissues explains it’s diversity of actions. Reduced levels of vitamin D is associated with insulin resistance and increased diabetes risk. The study included 50 normal healthy individuals and 49 type 2 diabetes subjects. Fasting blood(More)
Placental morphology and cellular arrangement are altered in maternal diseases such as preeclampsia (PE) in which oxygen delivery from the mother to the fetus is greatly disturbed, ultimately resulting in cellular oxidative stress. The present study was conducted at the Department of Anatomy and included 112 placentas (56 each from mothers with and without(More)
AIM We investigated to study the prognostic importance of brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) in ischemic stroke. MATERIALS AND METHODS We prospectively enrolled 100 patients with acute ischemic stroke and measured plasma BNP levels and compared with age- and sex-matched healthy controls. Risk factors, biochemical parameters, lipid profile, carotid and(More)
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