Krishnan Ravichandran

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A fully on-die, digitally controlled, 500MHz switching, 250mA rated output buck Voltage Regulator (VR) implemented in 22nm Tri-Gate CMOS is presented. The silicon measured a peak efficiency of 68% and consumed an area of 0.6mm 2 (without output decoupling) with a power density of about 410 mW/mm 2. The paper also demonstrates a controller bandwidth of(More)
Active conduction modulation techniques are demonstrated in a fully integrated multi-ratio switched-capacitor voltage regulator with hysteretic control, implemented in 22nm tri-gate CMOS with high-density MIM capacitor. We present (i) an adaptive switching frequency and switch-size scaling scheme for maximum efficiency tracking across a wide range voltages(More)
Monolithic integration of Voltage Regulators (VR) is challenging given the inherent lack of scalability of inductor. Circuit techniques to reduce inductor size are attractive to increase power density and scalability. This paper presents a 70~72% efficient, 500MHz digitally controlled 3-level Buck VR with a fully on-die spiral inductor implemented on 22nm(More)