Krishnan Rajagopalan

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OBJECTIVES We have shown previously that a polycationic conjugate between poly-L-lysine and the photosensitizer chlorin(e6) was effective in photodynamic inactivation (PDI) of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. In this report we explore the relationship between the size of the polylysine chain and its effectiveness for mediating the killing of(More)
A dialogue algorithm is described that executes Prolog-style rules in an attempt to achieve a goal. The algorithm selects paths in the proof in an attempt to achieve success and proves subgoals on the basis of internally available information where possible. Where \missing axioms" are discovered, the algorithm interacts with the user to solve subgoals, and(More)
In social media such as Facebook, the most popular desire is to learn the news about other people. In this paper, we study the following problem related to information propagation: Suppose that there is a set U of N users in a social network. They meet online from time to time and share information they know about themselves and the other users in the(More)
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