Krishnan Ganapathy

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It is well known that in most countries there is a perennial shortage of specialists in neurosciences. The available neurologists and neurosurgeons are clustered in the metropolitan, urban areas. Those living in suburban and rural areas may have limited or no access to neurological care. Concurrently, there has been an unprecedented growth in information(More)
Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is being increasingly used for medical applications, including neurosurgical care. This preliminary report describes the use of a low cost, indigenous, non-invasive system where NIRS is used to identify superficial unilateral intracranial abnormalities. The optical density (OD) over each hemisphere was initially studied in(More)
That distribution of specialists in neurological sciences worldwide is lopsided is an accepted fact. That, increasing the number of specialists, providing them with the requisite infrastructure and maintaining high standards to provide neurological and neurosurgical surgical care worldwide is just not possible, is also accepted. Patients from suburban areas(More)
INTRODUCTION Providing healthcare in remote mountainous areas is challenging. The increasing availability of mobile connectivity needs to be exploited by offering healthcare through a mobile medium, popularly known as mobile health (m-health). It is essential to understand the awareness, perception, and attitude of healthcare providers (HCPs) in deploying(More)
Extracranial metastasis arising from primary intracranial malignant tumours are rare. Cases documented have arisen from tumours arising from glial cells or from undifferentiated neurons. Extracranial deposits from intracranial malignant nerve sheath tumours have not been documented. This case report shows histological similarity - rhabdomyoblastic(More)
The challenges faced and the methods implemented by the Apollo Hospitals Group in introducing telemedicine in the Indian setting are discussed in this article. Using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to make available secondary and tertiary medical expertise to suburban and rural India was thought of as early as 1997. In March 2000, the world's(More)
Successful management of large AVMs is difficult. Traditionally they are considered less responsive and even unsuitable for radiosurgery. This case report demonstrates total angiographic obliteration in a complex, large corpus callosum AVM (volume 36.52 cc) in a 39-year-old male. Stereotactic radiation was delivered with a Linear Accelerator using ultra(More)
Lipomas are usually subcutaneous and asymptomatic. Rarely, they can occur in a deeper soft tissue plane exerting pressure on adjacent nerves. When adjacent to the neck of the radius, it can cause posterior interosseous nerve compression. In this case report, posterior interosseous nerve palsy due to an intermuscular lipoma is reported.