Krishnan G. Indiradevi

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A solid-state transformer (SST) would be at least as efficient as a conventional version but would provide other benefits as well, particularly as renewable power sources become more widely used. Among its more notable strong points are on-demand reactive power support for the grid, better power quality, current limiting, management of distributed storage(More)
Large size images consist of multiple bands data which occupies large space. Image compression becomes important for such large image or data’s to reduce the bandwidth in transmission over a network and in storage space. Wavelet transform is an efficient tool with some limitations for various image processing applications. And these limitations are overcome(More)
Multilevel converters offer high power capability, associated with lower output harmonics and lower commutation losses. Their main disadvantage is their complexity, requiring a great number of power devices and passive components, and a rather complex control circuitry. This paper proposes a single-phase seven- level inverter for grid connected PV systems,(More)
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