Krishnan Chari

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Concerns have been raised within the nuclear medicine field about the accuracy of measurements of 89Sr. The 85Sr impurity present in the 89Sr solution has a significant effect on the response of radionuclide calibrators used in hospitals. A comparison was conducted between the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the UK hospital physics community. Only(More)
The aggregation of surfactants around oppositely charged polyelectrolytes brings about a peculiar bulk phase behavior of the complex, known as coacervation, and can control the extent of adsorption of the polyelectrolyte at an aqueous-solid interface. Adsorption kinetics from turbid premixed polyelectrolyte-surfactant mixtures have been difficult to measure(More)
Nonionic surfactant-activated microgels (SAMs), composed of hydrophobic alkyl acrylates and hydrophilic hydroxyalkyl esters that utilize the effects of surfactant mediated swelling and interaction to provide pH-independent rheological properties, were previously reported as a new pathway to the rheology modification of surfactant solutions. Crosslinking was(More)
Alkali swellable microgels are widely used to control rheology of formulated products containing surfactants. However, formulations based on these pH-responsive polymers show undesirably large changes in yield stress in a range of pH close to the pKa of the acid group. Analysis of the behavior of a cross-linked copolymer of ethyl acrylate and methacrylic(More)
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