Krishnamurthy Meenakshi

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D Magic-set transformations on (function-free) deductive databases that contain only positive body literals permit the efficient bottom-up evaluation of answers to a wide class of queries. We investigate the applicability of magic sets to stratified and allowed databases containing negative body literals. We introduce a new, less restrictive definition of(More)
In traditional database systems, as in deductive databases that do not contain recursive rules, the eecient retrieval of tuples satisfying a constraint such as \retrieve all people who earn more than 30,000 dollars" is crucial to the performance of the database system. We investigate an algorithm which permits the \early use" of constraints to guide a(More)
Abstract: In this paper a non-repairable multi-state system with imprecise probabilities and performance rates are taken, representing imprecise probabilities by interval valued probabilities. These intervals are evaluated by computing bound of interval valued ordinary differential equation of the system. For imprecise performance rates random fuzzy(More)
Digital camera needs fixed bit rate. In this paper image compression is done using slant transform exploiting the characteristics of Human Visual System (HVS). Normally JPEG compressors support variable bit error rate. The error rate range in this compressor is found to be around -50 to 50. The error rate is reduced to around -0.6 to 1 using fuzzy logic.(More)
this paper is concerned with the problem of delay dependent H∞ control of discrete-time uncertain recurrent neural networks with time varying-delays. The neural network is subject to parameter uncertainty, and time-varying delay. For the robust H∞ stabilization problem, a state feedback controller is designed to ensure global robust stability of the(More)
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