Krishnamurthy Haridas Kidiyoor

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Vertical root fractures associated with endodontically treated teeth and less commonly in vital teeth represent one of the most difficult clinical problems to diagnose and treat. In as much as there are no specific symptoms, diagnosis can be difficult. Clinical detection of this condition by endodontists is becoming more frequent, where as it is rather(More)
Avulsion of a tooth caused by trauma, and its successful treatment is a challenging situation that a dentist encounters in clinical practice. There is a definitive treatment for the avulsed tooth, which depends on many factors. The immediate replacement and replantation of the avulsed tooth is necessary, but it cannot always be accomplished for a number of(More)
Taurodontism is a morphoanatomical developmental anomaly rarely seen in teeth. Permanent mandibular molars are most commonly affected. Endodontic treatment of a taurodont tooth is challenging and requires special handling because of proximity and apical displacement of roots. This paper presents a successful endodontic therapy of all three types of(More)
AIM Teeth that have been weakened by caries and require root canal treatment to maintain their functional integrity may present with minimal coronal tooth structure and are a challenge for isolation and restoration. The aim of this clinical report is to demonstrate the management of badly broken down teeth using the Projector Endodontic Instrument Guidance(More)
AIM To compare human pulp tissue response following direct pulp capping with calcium hydroxide and a self-etch adhesive containing antibacterial component. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty-six erupted sound premolars scheduled to be extracted for orthodontic reasons were selected from 17 human subjects. Pulp exposures were made. Direct pulp capping was then(More)
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