Krishnamoorthy Natarajan

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When the boost converter operates in continuous and discontinuous inductor current operation modes, owing to the relatively more complicated nature of the boost converter with non-ideal elements, a parsimonious large signal and small signal model for this converter, with and without feedback, is lacking. In this work, a zero order hold (ZOH) equivalent(More)
The interpretation of X-ray CT scans is a task which relies on specialized medical expertise, comprising anatomical, modality-dependent, non-visual and radiological knowledge. Most medical imaging techniques generate a single scan or sequence of two-dimensional scans. The radiologist's experience is gained by interpreting two-dimensional scans. The more(More)
The Symbolic Atlas of the brain is a novel software tool which enables the user to store and access non-visual information associated with the brain anatomy. The atlas is potentially capable of storing any information about neuroanatomical objects. The user can construct a number of atlases, each containing a different kind of information related to(More)
Radiological scans acquired using either the X-ray CT or the NMR imaging techniques provide a wealth of information about tissue behaviour under that imaging modality and contrast agent. To reason about the image in an interpretation stage the scans have to be converted from a pixel by pixel representation to a symbolic form. The technique used by us to(More)
This paper presents a performance based comparative study of various fuzzy logic controllers (FLCs) to control the speed of squirrel-cage induction motor (SCIM) by replacing the conventional proportional??integral (PI) controller. The fuzzy logic based controller does not require any identification of motor dynamic to control its speed and also assures the(More)
This study presents the Priority based ranking of jobs and resources to improve the Makespan in the grid scheduling problem. Grid environment’s effectiveness largely depends on scheduler’s effectiveness/efficiency as they act as local resource brokers. The scheduler is responsible to select resources/scheduling jobs so that users/application requirements(More)
Computation of accurate time domain signal waveforms in VLSI interconnects, taking into account the distributed inductance of the line, has grown in importance with increasing clock speeds. A computationally efficient truncated Fourier series method for computing time domain waveforms is summarized in this work. The method assumes excitation of the VLSI(More)
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