Krishnamohan R. Basarakodu

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PURPOSE To determine the ability of residents in completing death certificates correctly. METHODS A total of 4800 residents were asked to complete a survey and cause-of-death statement using a sample case of in-hospital death due to urosepsis, of whom 590 residents (12%) responded. A scoring scale designed based on instructions from the National(More)
The death certificate is an important medical document that impacts mortality statistics and health care policy. Resident physician accuracy in completing death certificates is poor. We assessed the impact of two educational interventions on the quality of death certificate completion by resident physicians. Two-hundred and nineteen internal medicine(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is linked to the development of postmenopausal breast cancer, and some studies indicate obesity predicts a worse prognosis for premenopausal women who develop the disease. It was our hypothesis that proteins associated with breast cancer would be associated with body mass index (BMI). METHODS We searched our database of women enrolled(More)
Organizing pneumonia is a major reparative response of the lung tissue to an acute injury and is a pathological hallmark of an entity called bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia (BOOP). It can be idiopathic and called cryptogenic organizing pneumonia (COP) or be secondary to various conditions such as infections, drugs, connective tissue disorders,(More)
This article reports a rare case of fatal saddle embolism to the pulmonary artery presenting as an Acute Chest Syndrome (ACS) in a Sickle Cell patient. We present a review of the etiology, pathophysiology, clinical manifestation and management of ACS. Clinicians should be aware of the fact that a sickle cell crisis admission may represent a life-threatening(More)
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