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  • K. Harish
  • 2007
Conventionally, supporting rods made of glass, plastic, or similar material have been used for 1 week to 10 days for loop stomas to prevent retraction. However, this is associated with difficulty in applying the stomal appliance till removal of the rod resulting in leakage of fecal matter. A closed suction drain tube of 16 or 18 F placed in the subcutaneous(More)
Lipoma primary to uterus is a rare entity among uterine fatty tumors. These create preoperative diagnostic confusion and their histogenesis is still unclear. Only a few cases of pure lipoma of uterus have been reported in the last few decades. A case of isolated pure lipoma primary to uterus diagnosed postoperatively by pathological examination is presented.
Mastectomy is a commonly performed surgery for carcinoma of breast. During surgery, pectoral fascia is removed and pectoralis major muscle is laid bare. Sternalis is a rare muscle encountered in the subcutaneous plane. We examined the operative records of 1,152 patients who underwent modified radical mastectomies between 1990 and 2000. Patients who(More)
Background: Locally advanced colorectal cancers form a distinct subgroup where contiguous organs could be involved without distant metastases and so may be amenable to curative surgical resection. It was our objective to report our experience in treating six such patients with operable locally advanced colorectal carcinomas.
Knowledge about the radiation medicine as a whole has gained importance in the recent past due to better understanding of not only the physical and biological principles but also advancements in the technology and better understanding of oncological principles. This review will try to address some of these aspects that are considered relevant to a surgeon(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have shown that metabolic syndrome and its consequent biochemical derangements in the various phases of diabetes may contribute to carcinogenesis. A part of this carcinogenic effect could be attributed to hyperinsulinism. High levels of insulin decrease the production of IGF-1 binding proteins and hence increase levels of free IGF-1. It(More)
BACKGROUND Low grade fibromyxoid sarcomas (LGFMS) are very rarely seen. They commonly arise from deep soft tissues of the lower extremities. Very few cases of intra-abdominal location have been reported. CASE PRESENTATION We report a 37 year old man who presented with an abdominal mass and dragging pain. Pre-operative imaging suggested the possibility of(More)
BACKGROUND Chondroblastomas are rare epiphyseal bone tumors. Very few cases with extra-cortical aggressive soft tissue invasion or metastasis are reported. CASE PRESENTATION We report a 28 year-old adult male who presented with a large swelling over the left shoulder region. Pre-operative imaging revealed a large tumor arising from upper end of humerus(More)
  • K Harish
  • 2008
INTRODUCTION Well differentiated thyroid carcinoma with isolated involvement of skin is extremely rare. Presentation with a discharging sinus has not been reported. CASE PRESENTATION This is a report of a 62 year old male patient with a long standing history of thyroid swelling which has metastasized to neck nodes and ulcerated over the midline resulting(More)
  • K Harish
  • 2005
Background: Neck dissection is an important surgical procedure for the management of metastatic nodal disease in the neck. The gold standard of neck nodal management has been the radical neck dissection. Any modification in the neck dissection is always compared with this standard. Over the last few decades, in order to alleviate the morbidity of radical(More)