Krishnakumar Ramamurthi

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We present a method to improve the quality of cone-beam to-mographic images computed from an intra-operative C-arm scan by adding information from an anatomical atlas. Limited range of C-arm view angles leads to reconstruction ar-tifacts and poor anatomical detail. We propose to complete the missing views with simulated projections of a statistical(More)
We propose a source trajectory for cone-beam geometry that satisfies the conditions for exact 3D reconstruction in the largest sphere that remains non-truncated in the field of view of a given source detector combination. The source trajec-tory is a natural variation of the traditional circular source trajectory and is achieved by modulating the elevation(More)
C-arms are well suited for obtaining cone-beam projections intra-operatively. Due to the compact size of the detector used, the data are usually truncated within the field of view. As a result, direct application of a standard cone-beam reconstruction algorithm gives rise to undesirable artifacts and incorrect values in the reconstructed image volume. When(More)
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