Krishna Sudhakar

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In this paper we discuss how an efficient online model checker and a small-footprint RTOS can be integrated. Alternative approaches are discussed, leading to the decision for a federated approach. An implemented prototype is described and some analytical as well as experimental evaluations are presented.
In today's fast-moving world connectivity is the biggest trend to look out for and connecting devices with varying specifications is not a simple task. This becomes more of a problem in an environment where all devices, nodes, are in constant motion and the ability of nodes to retain links with another becomes an important factor. In this paper, not only we(More)
A Wireless Sensor Networks [WSNs] composed of nodes, each node communicate through communication links, which can be wireless or cabled. The sensor node in Wireless Sensor Networks [WSNs] helps to detect the physical or environmental conditions of the surrounding. The data transmissions between two or more sensor networks are carried by the base station(More)
The objective of realizing more effective solution during any complex system design can be achieved by the application of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization. The primary problem in developing an integrated framework, which is essential in the iterative procedure of optimization, is how to automate the design codes that were designed to be used by(More)
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