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Phalloplasty: A Review of Techniques and Outcomes
Background: Acquired or congenital absence of the penis can lead to severe physical limitations and psychological outcomes. Phallic reconstruction can restore various functional aspects of the penisExpand
A global clinical view on vitamin A and carotenoids.
The clinical importance of vitamin A as an essential nutrient has become increasingly clear. Adequate vitamin A is required for normal organogenesis, immune competence, tissue differentiation, andExpand
Wound Healing: Biologics, Skin Substitutes, Biomembranes and Scaffolds
This review will explore the latest advancements spanning several facets of wound healing, including biologics, skin substitutes, biomembranes and scaffolds.
Facial Feminization: Systematic Review of the Literature
Background: Facial feminization surgery encompasses a broad range of craniomaxillofacial surgical procedures designed to change masculine facial features into feminine features. The surgicalExpand
The Rise of the Neophallus: A Systematic Review of Penile Prosthetic Outcomes and Complications in Gender-Affirming Surgery.
BACKGROUND Penile prostheses are commonly used to achieve erectile rigidity after phalloplasty in trans masculine patients. Implantation poses significant challenges because of the delicate nature ofExpand
A Systematic Review of the Use of Telemedicine in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology
Background Telemedicine, the use of information technology and telecommunication to provide healthcare at a distance, is a burgeoning field with applications throughout medicine. Given the visualExpand
Intraoperative Management of Free Flaps: Current Practice
ObjectivesIntraoperative management of hemodynamic instability during microvascular flap reconstruction is often based on anecdotal experience. Randomized controlled trials are difficult to performExpand
Outcomes after Phalloplasty: Do Transgender Patients and Multiple Urethral Procedures Carry a Higher Rate of Complication?
Background: Phalloplasty is associated with improved quality-of-life in those with penile defects, and in female-to-male transgender (transmale) patients seeking gender-confirming surgery. However,Expand
Clinical applications of autografts, conduits, and allografts in repair of nerve defects in the hand: current guidelines.
Traumatic nerve injuries are common conditions treated by hand surgeons, and the optimal treatment of a severed nerve requires providing a healthy wound bed, generous trimming to healthy nerveExpand
Carotid Endarterectomy: Current Concepts and Practice Patterns.
Background Stroke is the number one cause of disability and third leading cause of death among adults in the United States. A major cause of stroke is carotid artery stenosis (CAS) caused byExpand