Krishna Prasada Rao

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Grain yields in drought-affected environments are often characterized by large genotype-by-environment (GE) interactions, caused by a highly variable timing and intensity of stress occurrence. The aim of our study was to assess the effectiveness of simple meteorological environmental descriptions in providing an understanding of the environmental(More)
Pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.) cultivars for marginal, arid environments need to combine the adaptation to stress conditions of indigenous landraces with an improved yield potential and disease resistance, to allow them to both perform well in farmers fields and to meet the requirements for cultivar release. This paper evaluates(More)
Throughout much of the semi-arid tropics, fluctuations in grain yield can largely be attributed to differences in timing and intensity of drought stress. Since seasonal rainfall in these environments is often poorly related to grain yield, the aim of this paper was to establish a relationship between water availability and grain yield for pearl millet(More)
Classification is an important data mining task, and decision trees have emerged as a popular classifier due to their simplicity and relatively low computational complexity. Time required to build a decision tree becomes intractable, as datasets get extremely large. To overcome this problem we proposed a parallel mode of ID3 algorithm. Decision tree(More)
A novel topology for cascaded multilevel inverters which is suitable for renewable energy source interfacing to grid is proposed in this paper. The proposed topology significantly reduces the usage of number of dc voltage sources, switches, and power diodes as the number of output voltage levels increase. The world electrical energy consumption is rising(More)
Flow-forming is effective, chipless metal forming process used for the manufacture of thin walled seamless tubes. In the present paper, a regression model has been developed to predict mean diameter of AA6082 flow formed tubes by Design Of Experiments. The process parameters chosen for the present investigation are axial feed of the roller, speed of the(More)
This paper proposes the improved methodology of power quality in grid interconnected photo voltaic system by using shunt active power filter . With development of new functionalities solar energy based Photovoltaic cells are upcoming energy source with higher efficiency. Solar energy being naturally available in abundance and nonpolluting is one of the most(More)
In this paper a single stage inverter for solar PV system with energy capture improvement based on voltage control to solve fast changing irradiation problem is proposed. A cascaded control structure with a dc link voltage control loop and a current control loop is used. The maximum power capturing controller is applied to the reference of the outer loop(More)
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