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Chronic DLL4 blockade induces vascular neoplasms
Arising from: J. Ridgway et al. 444, 1083–1087 (2006)10.1038/nature05313Delta-like 4 (DLL4)-mediated Notch signalling has emerged as an attractive target for cancer therapy. However, the potentialExpand
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Mode-of-action framework for evaluating the relevance of rodent forestomach tumors in cancer risk assessment.
Studies have shown that a majority of known human carcinogens also cause cancer in laboratory animals. The converse, however, is not as well established-known animal carcinogens are not equallyExpand
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Evaluation of mercury in urine as an indicator of exposure to low levels of mercury vapor.
We conducted a pooled analysis to investigate the relationship between exposure to elemental mercury in air and resulting urinary mercury levels, specifically at lower air levels relevant forExpand
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Functional diversity of notch family genes in fetal lung development.
In Drosophila, developmental signaling via the transmembrane Notch receptor modulates branching morphogenesis and neuronal differentiation. To determine whether the notch gene family can regulateExpand
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Balancing Efficacy and Safety of an Anti-DLL4 Antibody through Pharmacokinetic Modulation
Purpose: Although agents targeting Delta-like ligand 4 (DLL4) have shown great promise for angiogenesis-based cancer therapy, findings in recent studies have raised serious safety concerns. ToExpand
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Phosphorous dysregulation induced by MEK small molecule inhibitors in the rat involves blockade of FGF-23 signaling in the kidney.
MEK, a kinase downstream of Ras and Raf oncogenes, constitutes a high priority target in oncology research. MEK small molecule inhibitors cause soft tissue mineralization in rats secondary to serumExpand
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AbstractOusts were collected in citrus orchards and in vineyards from leaf surfaces in the area where harvest operations were ongoing. Six milligrams of each of the dusts was instilledExpand
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Toxicity testing for oncology drugs