Krishna P. Murali

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For the first time, high quality factor (Q), meander inductors are demonstrated utilizing inkjet-printing on organic paper substrates. Quality factors of up to 25, which is an order of magnitude greater than previous works, and inductance values of up to 8 nH are achieved. The high self-resonance frequency (SRF) of 8 GHz makes it possible for the inductors(More)
This work investigates the integration of inkjet-printed ferromagnetic nanoparticles on printed RF inductors on paper substrate to evaluate the effects of miniaturization and inductance. A cobalt-based ferromagnetic nanomaterial is printed on top of a meandered inductor on paper substrate. The effects of increased thickness of the ferromagnetic thin film(More)
In this paper, we propose tracking and control algorithms for controlling network congestion with bursty traffic modeled by multifractal cascade processes. The multifractal multiplicative cascades are characterized by the Holder exponents. The value of the Holder exponent at an interval indicates the burstiness in the traffic at that point. This value has(More)
Epoxy matrix nanocomposites with nickel nanoparticles of two different sizes were processed and characterized to investigate their structure-magnetic property correlations. Crystal structure, morphology, density, resistivity and magnetic properties of the nanocomposites with different filler contentswere compared for different size scales. Nanocomposites(More)
A low complexity frequency domain bearing estimation technique is described in this paper. The technique presented makes use of a pair of orthogonal dipoles or differential sensors along with an omni directional pressure sensor for the bearing estimation. The paper describes the theory from first principles with an overview of the simulation results and(More)
CoY hexaferrite-filled PEEK (poly ethyl ether ketone) compositeswere synthesized to characterize the effect of hexaferrites on their dielectric, magnetic and thermal properties for wireless sensing and communication applications. Fillers were synthesized from solid-state reaction route and blendedwith the thermoplastic polymermatrix.XRDwas used to study the(More)
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