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We consider a dynamic spectrum sharing system consisting of a primary user, whose licensed spectrum is allowed to be accessed by a secondary user as long as it does not violate the prescribed interference limit inflicted on the primary user. Assuming the Nakagami-m block-fading environment, we aim at maximizing the performance of secondary user's link in(More)
Although Mycoplasma equigenitalium has been implicated in equine reproductive problems, its prevalence is largely unexplored due to the lack of specific diagnostic tests. To address this limitation, the authors developed and optimized species-specific primer pairs that target M. eguigenitalium rpoB (RNA polymerase B subunit) gene sequences. The specificity(More)
(2013) Faecal steroid metabolites assay as a non-invasive monitoring of reproductive status in animals, Vet World 6(1):59-63. Abstract Measurement of faecal steroids as a non-invasive technique is widely used to monitor reproductive hormones in captive and free-ranging wild animals. This method offers a great advantage over invasive techniques like blood(More)
Link adaptation using adaptive modulation and coding (AMC) is a popular physical layer technique for efficient use of time-varying fading channel. In this paper, using a cross-layer approach, we analyze the spectral efficiency of a variable rate transmission scheme in a convolutionally-coded M-ary quadrature amplitude modulation (M-QAM) system under block(More)
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