Krishna Manjunath

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BACKGROUND Knowledge of the position of fissures of the lungs is necessary for the appreciation of lobar anatomy and thus locating the bronchopulmonary segments. METHODS Morphological variations of fissures and lobes of the lungs were studied in 30 pairs of lungs from cadavers. RESULTS Five right-sided lungs showed absence of horizontal fissure, 19(More)
The ligual of mandible is a tongue shaped bony projection on the medical surface of the ramus close to the posterior margin of the mandibular foramen. Since the inferior alveolar nerve enters the mandibular foramen to supply the strctures of the lower jaw, the relationship of lingula to the inferior alveolar nerve is of clinical significance to dental(More)
One hundred and forty two south Indian mandibles of unknown sex were examined for the variations of the location and direction of the mental foramen. Accessory mental foramen were also looked for. The findings have been compared with those of other studies in the literature. Topography of the mental foramen is of practical importance to the dental and(More)
Of the many variants in the mandible, the retromolar foramen is the most important. The incidence of retromolar foramen was studied in a collection of 157 south Indian mandibles available at the department of Anatomy, St. John's Medical College, Bangalore. On each side of the mandible, the area behind the last molar tooth was inspected for the presence of(More)
Seventy-one adult skulls (58 dentulous skulls: 56 bilateral and 2 unilateral, 13 edentulous: 11 bilateral and 2 unilateral) of unknown sex were examined for the variations of the location of the greater palatine foramen. The location of greater palatine foramen (GPF) was noted with relation to mid sagittal suture (MSS), posterior palatal border (PPB), and(More)
The vertebral artery is vulnerable to compression in its course between foramen transversarium and the foramen magnum during extreme rotation of the head and neck. This situation may be aggravated by the presence of posterior or lateral bridge of the atlas and result in compromised blood flow. The incidence of the bony ring formed by posterior bridging has(More)
BACKGROUND With a high prevalence of diabetes in India, there is a need to study the impact of this disease on the quality of life (QoL) of the patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS This facility-based cross-sectional study assessed the QoL of patients attending the diabetic clinic using the World Health Organization (WHO) QoL BREF instrument in Tamil Nadu. The(More)
Ansa cervicalis is a loop of nervers usually by C1, C2 and C3 fibres in the lateral aspect of the neck, Occasionally the superior root of the ansa (derived from C1) may original from the vagus either party or entirely, but the fibres can be traced back to their true cases of ansa cervicalis arising from the nagal trunk observed in dissection room cadavers(More)
CONTEXT Epilepsy is associated with profound physical, psychological, and social consequences. AIMS To assess the quality of life (QOL) among people with epilepsy attending the outpatient department of a secondary care hospital and to determine the various social and demographic factors affecting it. MATERIALS AND METHODS The QOL of 100 people with(More)
There is now definite evidence for the presence of a macroscopic ganglion on the human internal laryngeal nerve, with the distribution of its post-ganglionic fibres to the glands in the saccule and to the glands at the root of epiglottis in the vicinity of the opening of the saccule. This ganglion could be identified as early as 14 weeks in human foetal(More)