Krishna Kumar Tiwari

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Following penetrating injury of the skin, a highly orchestrated and overlapping sequence of events helps to facilitate wound resolution. Inflammation is a hallmark that is initiated early, but the reciprocal relationship between cells and matrix molecules that triggers and maintains inflammation is poorly appreciated. Elastin is enriched in the deep dermis(More)
The personalization of cancer treatments implies the reconsideration of a one-size-fits-all paradigm. This move has spawned increased use of next generation sequencing to understand mutations and copy number aberrations in cancer cells. Initial personalization successes have been primarily driven by drugs targeting one patient-specific oncogene (e.g.,(More)
An attempt was made to extract the ambrette seed oil by solid-liquid extraction process using benzene and was compared with Soxhlet extraction. Thus the oil obtained was containing fatty acids. The fatty acids were separated through freezing technique. The phase containing soluble ambrette seed oil was separated and recovered by concentrating under reduced(More)
A fingerprint is believed to be unique to each person and each finger. Even the fingerprints of identical twins are different. Fingerprints are one of the most fullgrown biometric technologies and are used as proofs of evidence in courts of law all over the world. A fingerprint consists of various types of minutiae and it is one of the most popular(More)
In this paper a virtual laboratory for the Satellite Image Processing and Analysis (v-SIPAL) being developed at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay is described. v-SIPAL comprises a set of experiments that are normally carried out by students learning digital processing and analysis of satellite images using commercial software. Currently, the(More)
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