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—This paper presents a multilevel inverter that has been conceptualized to reduce component count, particularly for a large number of output levels. It comprises floating input dc sources alternately connected in opposite polarities with one another through power switches. Each input dc level appears in the stepped load voltage either individually or in(More)
Gingival recession in anterior teeth is a common concern due to esthetic reasons or root sensitivity. Gingival recession, especially in multiple anterior teeth, is of huge concern due to esthetic reasons. Various mucogingival surgeries are available for root coverage. This case report presents a new bridge flap technique, which allows the dentist not only(More)
Gingival recession along with reduced width of attached gingiva and inadequate vestibular depth is a very common finding. Multiple techniques have been developed to obtain predictable root coverage and to increase the width of attached gingiva. Usually, the width of gingiva is first increased and then the second surgery is caried out for root coverage. The(More)
Elective postoperative ventilation in patients undergoing "on pump" open heart surgery has been a standard practice. Ultra fast-track extubation in the operating room is now an accepted technique for "off pump" coronary artery bypass grafting. We tried to incorporate these experiences in on pump open heart surgery and compare the haemodynamic and(More)
AIM The purpose of present study was to investigate the scanning electron microscopic alterations produced on scaled and root planed dentin surfaces after application of different etching modalities namely citric acid, tetracycline hydrochloride and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). MATERIALS AND METHODS Eighty specimens of teeth were collected and(More)
Root exposure along with inadequate vestibular depth is a common clinical finding. Treatment option includes many techniques to treat such defects for obtaining predictable root coverage. Normally, the vestibular depth is increased first followed by a second surgery for root coverage. The present case report describes a single-stage technique for vestibular(More)
Periodontal regeneration is a main aspect in the treatment of teeth affected by periodontitis. Periodontal regeneration in furcation areas is quite challenging, especially when it is in interproximal region. There are several techniques used alone or in combination considered to achieve periodontal regeneration, including the bone grafts or substitutes,(More)
The use of multiple antennas at both transmitter and receiver has been shown to be an effective way to improve capacity and reliability over those achievable with single antenna wireless systems. Orthogonal Space-Time Block Code (OSTBC) is space-time coding techniques in which data is split into n streams which are simultaneously transmitted using n(More)
Gingival enlargement related to pregnancy is sometimes seen in the oral cavity. Pregnancy is a physiological state that brings full of changes in a woman's life. The metabolism and immunology of the body are modified by progesterone and estrogen as well as other local factors, these sex hormones may modify the oral mucosa and may lead to various periodontal(More)