Krishna Kant Singh

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In computer vision, segmentation refers to the process of partitioning a digital image into multiple segments (sets of pixels, also known as superpixels).Image segmentation is typically used to locate objects and boundaries (lines, curves, etc.) in images. More precisely, image segmentation is the process of assigning a label to every pixel in an image such(More)
This paper proposes an edge preserving filter for removal of impulse noise. Digital images received from various sources are often degraded due to impulse noise and thus become unsuitable for further processing. To overcome this degradation removal of impulse noise is very important. In this paper an effective and efficient method of impulse noise removal(More)
A Web crawler is a module of a search engine that fetches data from various servers. Web crawlers are an essential component to search engines; running a web crawler is a challenging task. It is a time-taking process to gather data from various sources around the world. Such a single process faces limitations on the processing power of a single machine and(More)
  • Evelin Suji, Y. V. S. Lakshimi, +12 authors S. Manoharan
  • 2013
Magnetic Resonance Image plays a major role in medical diagnostics. Image segmentation is done to divide an image into meaningful structures. Image segmentation is the initial step in image analysis and pattern recognition. It becomes more important while dealing with medical images where pre-surgery and post-surgery decisions are required for the purpose(More)
Shadows appear in remote sensing images due to elevated objects. Shadows cause hindrance to correct feature extraction of image features like buildings ,towers etc. in urban areas it may also cause false color tone and shape distortion of objects, which degrades the quality of images. Hence, it is important to segment shadow regions and restore their(More)
This paper proposes a methodology to design filters that extract information from noisy signals. From a mathematical point of view, a method is used based on homogeneous polynomially parameter-dependent (HPPD) matrices of arbitrary degree. The optimal filter is then obtained by solving a convex optimization problem using off-the-self software. To show the(More)
Edge detection of images is an important task in computer vision and image processing. Edge detection of noise free images is relatively simpler, but in most practical cases the images are degraded by noise. To find the edges from noisy images is a challenging task. This paper proposes a novel edge detection algorithm for images corrupted with noise. The(More)
Priyanka Khandelwal , Krishna Kant Singh , B.K.Singh , Akansha Mehrotra 1 Electronics & Communication Engineering, BTKIT, Dwarhat, India 2 Earthquake Engineering, IIT, Roorkee, India 1 2 Abstract— In this paper, an unsupervised change detection technique of(More)