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Policy of Preference: Lessons from India, the United States, and South Africa
Has the sanguine public policy of preference turned out to be a political soccer game? Has it been a victim of ideological fights? Can it undo the past? In India, it has become a tool of competitiveExpand
The Indian administrator in the new millennium
I ndia, having declared its independence in 1947, needed to reform the administrative structure and procedures that it inherited from its colonial masters. In this effort, there certainly has notExpand
Combating Corruption: Lessons out of India
This paper deals with the ubiquitous problem of corruption among public officials– both elected and appointed, in India. By looking at the legal and administrative provisions to combat corruption, itExpand
Comparative Study and the Section on Comparative and International Administration (SICA)
Krishna K. Tummala, Kansas State University C omparative study is nothing new. Aristotle (384322 BC) and his students studied not simply the Athenian polis, but 158 different constitutions. EvenExpand
Democracy Triumphant in India: The Case of Andhra Pradesh
One of the most important phenomena of the postwar era, as Elspeth Rostow observed, is the survival of Indian democracy. 1 It withstood two major nationwide tests, one in 1977 as a consequence ofExpand
More on the Senior Executive Service
The hallmark of a federal form, A.V. Dicey wrote some 20 years ago, is that the people "must desire union, and must not desire unity." 1 If in fact they were to unite, it would no longer be a federalExpand
An ode to Fred Riggs
Fred Riggs’s creative scholarly career in the field of comparative public administration brought him worldwide recognition, especially in Asia where he contributed to development of publicExpand
Equity in public employment across nations
The subject of equity in public employment is currently one of the most important aspects of public personnel management. Equity policies are meant to bring minorities and women into publicExpand