Krishna K. Warhade

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Now days there are tremendous amount of videos available on internet. Entertainment video, news video, sports video are accessed by users to fulfill their different needs. Our daily routine systems are also producing huge amount of videos for example surveillance system, shopping malls, home videos etc. These videos need to be accessed for different(More)
Detection of gradual transition and the elimination of disturbances caused by illumination change or fast object and camera motion are the major challenges to the current shot boundary detection techniques. These disturbances are often mistaken as shot boundaries. Therefore, it is a challenging task to develop a method that is not only insensitive to(More)
Automatic shot boundary detection has been an active research area for nearly a decade and has led to high performance detection algorithms for hard cuts, fades and wipes. But finding gradual transition is major challenge in the presence of camera and object motion. In this paper, a review of different gradual transition detection methods is presented.(More)
The object tracking algorithms based on mean shift are good and efficient. But they have limitations like inaccuracy of target localization and sometimes complete tracking failure. These difficulties arises because of the fact that in basic kernel based mean shift tracking algorithm, the centroid is not always at the centre of the target and the size of(More)
— Video shot boundary detection is fundamental steps of video analysis, summarization and retrieval. For classifying shot and shot transition type and detecting video shot boundaries many algorithm have been proposed. Major challenge in the presence of object and camera motion is finding gradual transition. Therefore to develop a method which not only(More)
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