Krishna K. Saha

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Inference on the difference between two binomial proportions in the paired binomial setting is often an important problem in many biomedical investigations. Tang et al. (2010, Statistics in Medicine) discussed six methods to construct confidence intervals (henceforth, we abbreviate it as CI) for the difference between two proportions in paired binomial(More)
This paper focuses on the development and study of the confidence interval procedures for mean difference between two treatments in the analysis of over-dispersed count data in order to measure the efficacy of the experimental treatment over the standard treatment in clinical trials. In this study, two simple methods are proposed. One is based on a sandwich(More)
The intraclass correlation in binary outcome data sampled from clusters is an important and versatile measure in many biological and biomedical investigations. Properties of the different estimators of the intraclass correlation based on the parametric, semi-parametric, and nonparametric approaches have been studied extensively, mainly in terms of bias and(More)
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