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Advanced paternal age (APA) has been shown to be a significant risk factor in the offspring for neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders. During aging, de novo mutations accumulate in the male germline and are frequently transmitted to the offspring with deleterious effects. In addition, DNA methylation(More)
AIM The aim of this study is to evaluate the response of human pulp tissue to mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA), Emdogain (EMD), and combination of MTA/EMD. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was performed on sixty intact first and second premolars of human maxillary and mandibular teeth. A standard pulpal exposure was done on all the teeth and was divided(More)
UNLABELLED There are different modalities for management of Nicotine dependence, but it is still inconclusive which is the best modality for the treatment of Nicotine dependence syndrome (NDS). In this background the present study was carried out to assess the efficacy and to compare different modalities for the treatment of NDS. METHODS Patients(More)
BACKGROUND The orthodontist seeks an archwire-bracket combination that has both good biocompatibility and low friction. Hence, the aim of this multicenter in vitro study was to evaluate and compare the frictional resistance generated between titanium (Ti), stainless steel (SS), ceramic and ceramic with metal insert (CMI) brackets with SS wires of varying(More)
BACKGROUND Oral mucosal lesions that are observed in the dermatological diseases are categorized under mucocutaneous conditions. The oral lesions in dermatological diseases may be the early aspects of the disease manifestation or the most significant clinical appearance or the only sign/and or symptom of such dermatological diseases and occasionally lesions(More)
AIM The study was designed to investigate the sealing ability of two obturation systems (cold laterally compacted gutta percha and Obtura II) over different apically separated rotary nickel-titanium files (RACE and K3 system) using dye extraction method. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty-two mandibular premolars were divided into 2 groups of 30 teeth each, and(More)
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