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The currently prescribed tests for asthma diagnosis require compulsory patient compliance, and are usually not sensitive to mild asthma. Development of an objective test using minimally invasive samples for diagnosing and monitoring of the response of asthma may help better management of the disease. Raman spectroscopy (RS) has previously shown potential in(More)
Scientific validation of reflexology requires an in-depth and noninvasive evaluation of "reflexology/reflex areas" in health and disease. The present paper reports the differential properties of "normal" and "abnormal" reflexology areas related to the lumbar vertebrae in a subject suffering from low back pain. The pathology is supported by radiological(More)
Objective. When exploring the scientific basis of reflexology techniques, elucidation of the surface and subsurface features of reflexology areas (RAs) is crucial. In this study, the subcutaneous features of RAs related to the lumbar vertebrae were evaluated by swept source-optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) in subjects with and without low back pain(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous genes have been reported in relation with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), but the findings were not consistently replicated across populations, or there have been no detailed studies on them. Previous literatures suggested that, out of all angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) gene polymorphisms, only ACE insertion/deletion (I/D) gene(More)
Background. The restricted usage of existing pharmacological methods which do not seem to provide the treatment of diabetic neuropathy may lead to exploring the efficacy of a complementary therapy. In this context, this paper was devoted to evaluate the efficacy of foot reflexology. This health science works on the hypothesis that the dysfunctional states(More)
Abstr act. Backgr ound: The evolutionary conserved 18 glycosyl hydrolase family contains chitinases and chitinase like proteins that share amino acid sequence homology with true chitinases but lack enzymatic activity. The chitinase like protein YKL-40, encoded by the chitinase3-like 1 gene (CHI3L1), has been found to be either the cause or a biomarker for(More)
YKL-40 is a chitinase like protein associated with inflammation in asthma. The role of single nucleotide polymorphisms in CHI3L1 gene on asthma susceptibility and YKL-40 levels has been widely investigated on different ethnic groups, and contradictory results were obtained on susceptibility allele. In the present study, surface plasmon resonance technology(More)
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