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  • Sandeep Negi, Mohd Abdul Ahad, +10 authors Debashree Debadarshini
  • 2013
Round Robin scheduling algorithm is the most often used scheduling algorithm in timesharing systems as it is fair to all processes and is starvation free. But along with these advantages it suffers from some drawbacks such as more number of context switches, long waiting and long turnaround time. The main objective of this paper is to improve existing round(More)
Spectrum scarceness is one of the major challenges that the present world is facing. The efficient use of existing licensed spectrum is becoming most critical as growing demand of the radio spectrum. Different researches show that the use of licensed are not utilized inefficiently. It has been also shown that primary user does not use more than 70% of the(More)
In the vast complex world the emergence of cloud computing and its applications and uses in load balancing has been raised up to the maximum level. The number of users accessing this service is increasing drastically day by day. As the cloud is made up of datacenters; which are very much powerful to handle large numbers of users still then the essentiality(More)
The paper present a novel multi-band compact antenna designed on the theory of fractal geometry. The antenna is fabricated on a FR4 substrate. The performance of the proposed antenna design is analyzed and the results are compared with the simulations using IE-3D tool. The relevant antenna performance parameters of the proposed design viz. resonant bands,(More)
In some earlier work, MPC and PRPC are believed to offer higher throughput and better error correction capability at high bit error rate (BER) and large packet size only. An analysis was performed to substantiate this claim of higher throughput and better error correction capability in high as well as in low bit error rate (BER) for large and medium packet(More)
The rapid growth of mobile radio and its applications to cellular terrestrial. The multipath fading channel, time variations in the channel are evidenced as a Doppler broadening. There is a relation between time variations of channel and Doppler Effect. The Doppler frequency Shift is one of the main channel impairment in aeronautical mobile communication(More)
Ultrasound strain imaging has great importance as tumor or cancerous tissues are much stiffer than normal tissues. Estimations of strain calculating the time delays between consecutive ultrasound echo signals are common approaches in quasi-static elastography. Because of the ill posed nature of strain images, the ultrasound strain estimation still remains(More)
Detection techniques based on the absence of any knowledge of the received carrier phase are referred to as non-coherent detection techniques. The optimum receiver under such a scenario is well known to be a structure that incorporates a form of square-law detection. This demodulation through M matched filters, where each one corresponds to the transmitted(More)
The probability of error for NFSK with square law combining for diversity correlated Nakagami channels is analyzed. The closed for of expression using characteristic function is derived. The average SNR per branch is considered to be distinct. The effect of different noise powers for various diversity orders and fading channel parameters on probability of(More)