Krishna Challa

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In January 2000 Ecuador announced that it would dollarize fully, in response to an unprecedented crisis encompassing recession, widespread bank failures, and incipient hyperinflation. The crisis had intensified since early 1998, when a combination of external and climatic shocks set it off. The economy's semi-dollarization made the crisis far worse than it(More)
  • Krishna Challa, Rao, Sahu, Yellampalli, Bhaskara Balabomma, K B Madhu Sahu +2 others
  • 2012
In this paper is design, simulation and validation of a fuzzy logic based Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) to improve the stability of single-machine and multi-machine power systems. In this model have first tested the performances of both the fuzzy-based AVR and the conventional AVR for a single-machine-infinite-bus test system and have compared their(More)
A system Is presented that combines the automated planning and. optimization functions in machining processes. The planning function is performed by a systematic analysis of the stated requirements of the finished part in the light of information on available machining facilities and raw materials. The optimization phase utilizes a mathematical programming(More)
The leaf surface usually stays flat, maintained by coordinated growth. Growth perturbation can introduce overall surface curvature, which can be negative, giving a saddle-shaped leaf, or positive, giving a cup-like leaf. Little is known about the molecular mechanisms that underlie leaf flatness, primarily because only a few mutants with altered surface(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to the inspiration and guidance we got during the entire course of this work from Professors Paul MacAvoy and Robert Pindyck. We also owe a special thanks to Kevin Lloyd and Phil Sussman for their help. ABSTRACT This paper attempts to provide a unified framework that takes into account(More)
carefully and patiently prepared several drafts and the cover for this paper. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this paper are entirely those of the author(s) and should not be attributed in any manner to the World Bank, to its affiliated organizations, or to members of its Board of Executive Directors or the countries they(More)
An econometric model is developed to explain 'the investment in exploratory activity and the resulting accumulation of proved reserves of oil and natural gas in the continental United States. The model explicitly takes into account therole of geological uncertainty as well as the effect of depletion in the context of a finite resource base. The model for(More)
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